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At Polopiqué, corporate integrity is at the heart of our operating model.

We are committed to
our values, embodied in the code of conduct and action.

We would like everyone, employees, customers and suppliers, to have a safe and reliable channel to notify us of any violation of the law or our principles of behavior and action.

How it works

Here you should leave your alert or report anonymously, although we encourage you to share your identity and dialogue with us.

Corporate Integrity

All data and information shared with us will be treated independently and with the utmost confidence.

To make a report click on the “CORPORATE INTEGRITY” button.
If you want to make a complaint, request for information, request, opinion, suggestion, query or compliment, access or contact us by phone +351 253 479 060

What is WhistleOn?
WhistleOn is a solution to detect cases of violation of ethical conduct or non-compliance with legislation, which may affect your company’s financial result, reputation and work environment.

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