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Charting a Sustainable Textile Future

We are pioneers in new ideas, pushing boundaries.

Innovation is our DNA, where creativity and Texagility meets technology to shape the textile future.

ID Seal – recognition of suitability in the practice of Research and Development activities

Polopiqué is recognized for its integrity in the practice of Research and Development activities, awarded by the National Innovation Agency (ANI), in the following areas of expertise:​

  • Materials and raw materials – application of advanced technologies to raw materials and materials;​
  • Production technologies and product industry – greener and more efficient production processes;​
  • Production technologies and product industry – innovative and high value-added products.

Join us on a journey of discovery,
where innovation knows no limits.


Polopiqué is part of the European Accelerating Circularity project. We are currently in the pilot phase of trials and working to pressure test the circular system of textile-to-textile recycling that was researched, mapped, modelled, and linked during 2021.


Project included in the Mobilizing Agenda for Business Innovation in the Textile and Apparel Industry of Portugal. Focus on the search for sustainable textile solutions, including yarns, fabrics, and clothing, based on natural fibers and recycled fibers from clothing at the end of their life cycle; as well as energy and resource management solutions for the sector, and intelligent and automated systems for the Textile and Apparel Industry. Polopiqué is one of the 17 partners in this project.


In the context of curricular internships, Polopiqué has over the years established partnerships with universities, particularly the University of Minho and the University of Aveiro, in order to integrate students who are completing their studies into the industrial environment. The areas of greatest relevance are focused on Textile Engineering and Industrial Management Engineering, where interns can develop projects directly associated with the company and expand their level of knowledge. The objective of the internships is not only related to project development but also to the possibility of integration into the company and professional advancement. In recent years, projects related to product development and process control and analysis have been carried out, always in pursuit of optimization and improvement.


Polopiqué in partnership with Recover™ develops a variety of textile solutions on a large scale based on recycled material. Recover™ is a leading material sciences company and global producer of low-impact, high-quality recycled cotton fiber and cotton fiber blends. Post-industrial and post-consumer textile waste transformed into valuable and high-quality recycled cotton fibers.


Nettle plants are grown naturally as forest weeds in Himalayan region, and it is a very sustainable and eco-friendly fibre: grow in large quantity, it doesn’t require any chemical fertilizers and require less water compared to cotton​. A fibre with outstanding properties: thermal regulation, antibacterial, high tensile strength, and breathable.​


A natural fibre that is extracted from agricultural waste – pineapple leaves - after harvesting the fruit. The fibre is locally sourced in Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines by local farmers. A sustainably sourced fibre with low environmental impact and beneficial social influence.


Banana fibre extracted from of banana stems, exhibit unique characteristics. A fibre sourced from waste and biodegradable material. It serves as a sustainable and cruelty-free alternative to silk, and it possesses remarkable qualities, such as strength, lightweight, breathability, water and fire resistance, as well as ease of dyeing and quick drying.

PLA Fibre

Poly(lactic acid) (PLA) fiber is a biopolymer derived from glucose extracted from corn waste or sugar cane, depending on geographic location. PLA has numerous applications in various fields, including chemistry, medicine, biotechnology, textiles, and more. This biopolymer is characterized by its rapid biodegradability compared to other polymers (1-2 years under appropriate temperature and humidity conditions), making it a greener alternative to petroleum-based polymers. PLA offers numerous advantages, including reduced CO2 emissions and energy usage during manufacturing, a low environmental footprint throughout the production processes, low moisture absorption.


Naia™ cellulosic fiber is produced in a safe, closed-loop process where solvents are recycled back into the system for reuse. A biodegradable fibre that consists of 60% certified sustainable wood pulp and incorporates 40% recycled content. Acetate Naia® transforms into luxurious, soft and easy-to-care-for fabrics, supremely soft and quick drying and consistently reduce pilling, giving designers more creative freedom and choice.

TAKEBACK® polyester

Polopiqué has a collaboration with Repreve™ designed to reduce waste generated from fabric production or at the end of an article’s lifecycle - Takeback PES. The combination of sustainable materials creating outstanding fabrics and exploring new eco-friendly textile innovations.


A high quality 100% post-consumer recycled polyester yarn containing SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC from SEAQUAL INITIATIVE... A material that finds diverse applications, such as fashion apparel and accessories, hometextiles, and technical textiles. This innovative polyester comprises approximately 10% SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC, sourced from marine litter, with the remaining 90% consisting of post-consumer PET from land sources. This blend of materials contributes to both sustainability and performance in a wide range of products. A fibre with outstanding properties: thermal regulation, antibacterial, high tensile strength, and breathable.​

SEAWOOL® - An Innovative Fusion of Sustainability and Comfort

A material that redefines eco-friendly fashion by harnessing the power of oyster shells and recycled plastic bottles... ting the luxurious feel of wool. Its inherent antibacterial properties ensure freshness, while its anti-static nature keeps you comfortable all day long. Seawool® is the perfect blend of sustainability and softness, making it the ideal choice for your activewear needs.

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