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Across generations, committed to a sustainable future.

Actively committed to sustainable practices

We ensure a balanced use of every resource, aiming to give back to our Earth and its communities. Our dedication extends beyond environmental care, focusing also on the betterment of our team members’ living conditions.

Through our in-house sustainability department, we:

Foster knowledge in green technologies and environmental responsibility.

Conduct transparent sustainability audits using established social/environmental criteria.

Encourage partners to adopt responsible practices.

Promote efficient utilization of materials and resources.

Advocate for nature conservation, cultural appreciation, and social responsibility.

Minimize waste and set reduction targets for emissions.

Train our team for professional and personal growth.

From thread to garment,
we rethink everything to waste nothing



  • Investment in renewable energy utilization.
  • Installation of LED technology throughout factories and offices.
  • Eco-friendly production processes, integrating clean and energy-efficient technologies.
  • Implementation of systems that allow energy efficiency across the manufacturing unit.
  • LED technology in all units enables a 40% reduction per year in energy consumption.
  • 85% of our roofs are covered with solar panels (2,3GW per year) reducing electricity consumption by 16% per year.


  • Planting of over 400 trees in the industrial area, absorbing 3800kg of CO2 annually.
  • Eplacing energy-generating equipment with cogeneration, reducing CO2 emissions by 30%.


  • Acquisition of machinery that saves 25% of water consumption per cycle.
  • Changes to the dyeing industrial process, resulting in 20-30% water savings.
  • Recovery of 20% of wastewater for reuse in production processes.
  • 30% of the water in our wet processes is reused, with an expectation of increasing each year.
  • Use of natural dyes and innovative finishing processes.


  • Recycling 91% of textile waste, fiber, solvents, and textile packaging.
  • Recycling 100% of plastic, equivalent to over 31.5 tons, representing 4100kg of petroleum.
  • Recycling 93 tons of paper and cardboard, equivalent to 230 oil barrels.

From animal respect to fashion

We are an environmentally conscious industry that holds deep respect for animals. Welcome to Polopiqué’s flock, comprising 70 sheep that graze on our factory’s land. These gentle creatures bring immense joy and are an integral part of our dedication.

Stay connected with the latest trends, sustainability stories, and design inspirations in the world of textiles.

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Co-financed: Co-financed: See project Files
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